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T-Shirt contest winners!

T-Shirt Contest Winners: Congrats and thank you to all who submitted your ideas. We had some outstanding designs and sayings this go ’round. 1st Place: Matt McMcauliffe “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin” Matt is an AMRA Board […]

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About the EPA

We have long held to the belief that the EPA is the most dangerous government agency in America. They have lost numerous lawsuits for regulatory over-reach, have fined property owners $37,000 per day for digging ponds on their own private […]

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A message from us at AMRA

As you all know by now, we are facing some significant challenges with the never ending assault on small mining and public land use all across America. With the election of Mr. Trump, it appears to have some lights shining […]

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Waters Of The United States (WOTUS)

We have received an overwhelming response to our post yesterday about President Trump’s Executive Order eliminating the WOTUS (Waters Of The United States) power grab by the EPA.   Let’s clear a few things up here;   First, the EPA […]

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Trump signs EO on “Waters of the USA” to stop the EPA

With the stroke of a pen today, President Trump just neutered the EPA’s totalitarian dream of controlling every river, lake, mud puddle, ditch and rain gutter in America. This will have positive effects for small miners. Many may recall we […]

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A short video on suction dredging.

Does a suction dredge grind fish? NO. We shot this very short video for our presentation during the California Water Board permitting scheme as a result of SB637. It was presented on behalf of the small mining community. A few […]

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Nevada Miner’s claim revoked

When John Keady, independent miner and owner of Rock Chuck in Schurz, received a certified letter dated Jan. 27, from the United States Department of the Interior – Bureau of Land Management (BLM) out of Reno, he never dreamt it […]

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Winners of the Facebook Live raffle in Pleasanton

We would like to congratulate all the winners of the Facebook Live raffle held in Pleasanton at the GPAA gold show.  Winners from all over America! We are going to be having another Facebook Live raffle in Las Vegas in […]

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AMRA’s formal letter to the California Water Board on SB637 on behalf of small miners

This is our formal letter to the California Water Board on the SB637 permitting scheme. We presented 4 times for small miners during this required process of public comments. We want to thank everyone who attended these meetings and provided […]

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New 49’ers Jim Foley asks Trump administration to help small miners

Jim Foley, a New 49’er and longtime miner and outspoken advocate for small mining delivers a fantastic speech up in Siskiyou County.  Thank you Jim, well done. Jim Foley asks for help from Trump’s administration

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