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Think government agencies don’t have an agenda? Think again…

“Endangered Species” A Red Herring Tom Ellison of the Regional US Forest Service office once told senior Payette National Forest Management officials in no uncertain terms: “The law does not agree with our agenda” but it “doesn’t matter” if we

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Changes are happening in regulatory and management agencies

About 6 months ago we posited that it would take about 6 months for the new administration to start changing the culture within some of the regulatory and management agencies like USFS, BLM and EPA.   Well, changes are coming,

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Trump’s Interior Department Secretary, Montana rancher and former Navy Seal Ryan Zinke, is proving to be more than just a dramatic contrast to Obama’s Interior chief, liberal Democrat recreation industry exec., Sally Jewell. Zinke’s getting to work unraveling her legacy–and that

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And now for a little good news…

This article really needs no narrative from us: Justice Department Ends Government Bankrolling of Liberal Groups in Legal Settlements  

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Legal update from our friends at Western Mining Alliance (WMA)

We were notified by Pacific Legal Foundation the U.S. Supreme Court has requested the opinion of the U.S. Solicitor General in the Rinehart Case. So what does this development mean? The U.S. Supreme Court accepts cases based on Rule 10

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Antiquities act and how it’s used against you

We have long held that the previous administration has abused the Antiquities Act.  We even know of a man who was metal detecting on public lands who was cited for finding a square nail and put it on a stump

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What is the travel management rule?

The Travel Management Plan/Rule was designed to keep roads open for the public…who owns the lands.  What it has morphed into is a restrictive tool to keep us out.   Plumas News has a good article on how this was

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Once again, our government completely ignores science, facts and the truth in favor of furthering their political agenda.

Despite thriving population, BLM pushes forward job-killing sage grouse plan.   For the complete article, click

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Update from AMRA

Quick update on some happenings: Tuesday we took an L.A. Times reporter and his camerawoman mining for a story they are working on about how the floods this year have helped out small miners. Of note, he asked me where

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Antiquities act abuses

That means virtually every revenue-producing, recreational and other activity is regulated, restricted, prohibited or under attack in courts and other venues. No timber cutting in national forests, fostering massive wildfires. No vehicles, wheelchairs, energy or mineral exploration in wilderness and

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