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Update from AMRA

Quick update on some happenings: Tuesday we took an L.A. Times reporter and his camerawoman mining for a story they are working on about how the floods this year have helped out small miners. Of note, he asked me where […]

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Antiquities act abuses

That means virtually every revenue-producing, recreational and other activity is regulated, restricted, prohibited or under attack in courts and other venues. No timber cutting in national forests, fostering massive wildfires. No vehicles, wheelchairs, energy or mineral exploration in wilderness and […]

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Trump Administration to review Obama national monuments

It looks as though the Trump Administration is focusing on reversing some of the Obama era National Monuments: For the full article, click

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Update on the dredge ban in Oregon

Oregon: Note the language written by the Statesman Journal in this article about the recently passed bill banning dredging. They use the term “hobbyist”. Suction dredging is not a hobby. We do not practice catch and release gold mining and […]

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Forest service blows up small dams with high explosives to restore creeks to natural state

As most of you know, we have had our fair share of issue’s with the US Forest Service. Issue’s like restricting the number of miners who can dredge their claims in Idaho, a Taser being pulled on people panning in […]

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PLF, Pacific Legal Foundation steps up again for the public Pacific Legal Foundation press release, click here

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About the EPA

We have long held to the belief that the EPA is the most dangerous government agency in America. They have lost numerous lawsuits for regulatory over-reach, have fined property owners $37,000 per day for digging ponds on their own private […]

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Waters Of The United States (WOTUS)

We have received an overwhelming response to our post yesterday about President Trump’s Executive Order eliminating the WOTUS (Waters Of The United States) power grab by the EPA.   Let’s clear a few things up here;   First, the EPA […]

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Trump signs EO on “Waters of the USA” to stop the EPA

With the stroke of a pen today, President Trump just neutered the EPA’s totalitarian dream of controlling every river, lake, mud puddle, ditch and rain gutter in America. This will have positive effects for small miners. Many may recall we […]

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A short video on suction dredging.

Does a suction dredge grind fish? NO. We shot this very short video for our presentation during the California Water Board permitting scheme as a result of SB637. It was presented on behalf of the small mining community. A few […]

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Gold and Great Outdoor Show

Welcome to AMRA’s first Gold and Great Outdoor show! On September 23-24, 2017, AMRA will be joined by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts in the largest Gold and Great Outdoors Show at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, Ca.

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